360 Video Photobooth

Fantastic party fun with our amazing 360 Video Photobooth

Party guests will absolutely love the 360 video photobooth sometimes known as a spinning photobooth or spinning video and have lasting memories of the event with instant videos available for social media sharing and high definition downloads available within a few minutes.

Guests stand on a platform and the 360 rotates around them creating a unique video. Slow motion recording and props make the end result hugely entertaining and a special attraction.

How do I receive my video?

Videos are available immediately on your own phone and high definition video is uploaded to our secure storage area from where it is shared to your email, whatsapp or any other messaging platform you choose to use..

Can I make more than one video?

Yes, there is usually plenty of time to make more than one video. You can go solo and team up with various friends and family members for a great selection of video memories.

What Area Do You Cover?

We have a large studio in Clydebank a few miles from Glasgow, and with team members in Edinburgh, Lanarkshire and Perth we can comfortably cover the entire central belt of Scotland within 80 miles of our studio. 


How Much Does it Cost?

No two events are the same and we pride ourselves on ensuring we provide value for money. With our ability to add extra services to the overall 360 photobooth experience we would be very surprised if anyone could match our price.

Contact Us

Use the form below to send a quick message and we will respond quickly with a quote based on the information you provide. Tell us where, when and for how long you would like our 360 Photobooth.

We promise to make your event memorable and enjoyable and it won’t break the bank !

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